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Sifted Pro has quickly become a key and trusted source of insightful startup data. I’ve also really enjoyed sharing my research at the roundtables where I’ve had the opportunity to connect with interesting peers across Europe.

 – Francesco Corea, 
Research lead, Balderton Capital

The recent Pro Roundtable on the economic downturn was a valuable opportunity to take stock of what's happening in Europe, and discuss with other members and industry experts. Participating in these conversations is both highly engaging and useful in my job. 

I recommend Sifted Pro for anyone looking to dive deeper into recent trends and forge meaningful connections with their peers.

 – Glen Waters, 
Head of early stage practice, EMEA, Silicon Valley Bank

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The leading resource for insights on Europe's early-stage ecosystem

 – Andrea Orlando,
Managing partner, Startup Wise Guys

Sifted Pro is the best information source for early-stage startups in Europe. It really makes my job easier by keeping me up to speed with the latest trends and news, and expanding my network